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Monday, January 5, 2015

Just not a Favorite

I have made 9 Sitting Pretty blocks and even though I think they are pretty, I just don't like the blocks in these fabrics enough to make anymore. This size works for me. I think I will add a 3-piece sashing and call it done.

I've been cutting away at my 30's fabrics for over a week. I have planned 5 quits in all. I may not have enough fabric to border things the way I might like but I will worry about that later. I haven't cut into all of it yet so I can tweak my selection as I actually piece the top. I thought I might be tired of these fabrics by now but I am not. Maybe it really depends on the pattern cause I like all the others I started, especially the one I showed last. I will plan to sew a few of them right away the others will
just be kits waiting for next fall I guess.

I took a break from all that cutting last night and got another comfort quilt quilted. We are expecting a light snowfall overnight and already I got a call from a few of the gals cancelling. That is only disappointing cause that means we aren't using up that old stash. In a dream the other night I won the lottery and one of the first things I did was toss that old stuff and replace with new. Kinda surprised that I didn't dream that I hired gals to get the old fabric sewn into some warm comfort quilts. I know a few ladies in particular that would join us if we had a better selection.  Oh well. I can dream, can't I?


Ramona said...

I love your blocks! I am not a huge fan of the 30's prints, but they are beautiful in these blocks. Have fun sewing your quilts you have prepped. I like to do that, too... have a couple of days of cutting and organizing so that when I'm ready to sew, I can just sew.

Vicki in MN said...

I think once you get the sashing sewn in it will pull together and you'll like the end result. When you do win the lottery you can through your stash my direction!!!