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Monday, December 29, 2014

Tiny Bits

Years ago I made this baby quilt with some leftover bits from other projects. I always thought I'd make it again only bigger. So then why when I began sorting through my bin of 1930's did I toss a handful of 1 1/2" wide strips in the trash????

 I dug those strips out of the wastebasket when I hit on the idea to make this Single Irish Chain variation.

 After the pinwheel quilt that used so much muslin, I was looking for something that would use more and larger pieces of the prints.  I just might like this one well enough to keep. And I will still have
1 1/2" bits left to make the 9-patch.   I am also planning on a Courthouse Steps with the pile of 1 3/4" strips that were there. I also need to decide on what to make with the 2 1/2" pieces. Then I went hunting for a pattern to use that will include the solids. I will put that away for a comfort quilt project at church. If I get these others done soon I will be satisfied with what I have "used up" and also be sick of the 30's prints till next winter.

I've not just been making plans. I have begun cutting and sewing too. I am kinda down to the bottom of the box so want to proceed with cutting carefully so I don't have more crumbs leftover and not enough of what I need.

 I'd like to get downstairs and get some quilting done, but my arms are a bit sore. We've been working a few hours here and there in the woods cutting and stacking brush. I guess the quilting will have to wait till we have snow.

I finally got the Scrappy Crazy 8's quilt on the wall to photograph. Let me know if you want the pattern.


Charlene S said...

I love the last quilt!

Crickets Corner said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Love the Scrappy Crazy 8's quilt and it looks like it's a great way to get rid of the tons of scraps I have.

funsewfun said...

I just happened upon you blog. Love both your Single Irish Chain and your Scrappy Crazy 8's. Are you selling your Crazy 8's pattern? Thanks!

Lori said...

Yes Gayle, I want the pattern. Is it made with 2.5" strips?? A possible use for the remaining 30's!