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Thursday, December 11, 2014

More aimless sewing

It seems that sewing both at home and at Studio 3 is making it difficult to focus on a project.

When I first started sewing at Studio 3 on my own time I brought over a box of Civil War scraps and thought it might be fun to just plug away at using those scraps. I have them pretty well organized now and use them while I am there. So I have been piecing blocks  without a real plan. Sounds like me. These are the latest blocks I've made while there. I love 'em.

While I sorted the box of scraps I came across lots of 1 3/4" strips suitable for a log cabin. That pattern would be a good choice to work on with friends around cause it would take little concentration. First I need to decide what I want to use for the center square. I already did this one with black in the center, so maybe red next.

My Crazy 8's quilt is still waiting for assembly. I am feeling better now and hope to tackle it this afternoon.  Here's a preview of the plan.

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Nicky said...

Wow that log cabin looks like an awful lot of stitching ! Great projects and I do love to see them move from the design stage to the fabric stage! Keep going! Thanks for linking up this month to #scraptastictuesday