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Monday, December 8, 2014

Crazy Eights Revisited

I've got 56 Crazy Eights blocks done and ready to assemble into a quilt top. This time I made them scrappy. If you don't know me by now, this is not how I will use them in the quilt. Hopefully I can show that in a few days.

Typically I don't procrastinate when it comes to piecing, but I have been putting off assembling the top for a few days now. This will be bed size and that always makes it a bit cumbersome and when I don't feel real well I just do easy stuff.  I'm not sick, just suffering side effects to an antacid I'm taking. Started those the other day after an awful night that nearly sent me to the ER.

Years ago I wrote a magazine article for Chitra Publications. They ran a regular design challenge column called "What If". A block was presented with guidlines for construction (usually by Sharyn Craig) and inspiring quilts were shown using the block in different fabrics and settings. I did about 6 of those articles, Crazy 8's being one of them. If I could locate the article I'd show you , but at the moment all I can find is this photo of one of the quilts featured in that article.

I'm trying out another new camera. I didn't like using the one on my phone and the last one quit. This time it was an easier transition than usual.
Tuesday at church we nearly finished 5 quilt as you go comfort quilts. We used Kaye Wood's 6 hour quilt pattern. Next we will adapt the pattern using 6 1/2" squares. It will be a great way to use up our batting scraps. 
I did a one-trunk show of quilts from my new book at the Ben Franklin quilt club. They have 3 separate meetings to accommodate all the gals. It was good to go since I haven't been in over a year. That was Tuesday and Wednesday.
We're not quilting at Studio 3 on Thursdays again till after the holidays. But Friday we got together and I showed them another way to make the Square-in-a-Square quilt like this one I made last year.

Lately every quilt top I pull out of the closet I wish I had quilted. So I put one on the frame downstairs and will go to work on it after I join the link party at Judy's. And tomorrow I will link up to the new linky party at www.shecanquilt.ca. Please join us.


Lori said...

Go Gayle Go!

Quilting Nonnie said...

I love your quilts. The top one looks like a fun one to make. I do a lot of scrappy and this might be a good candidate for that.
What an interesting history you have. Magazine articles? Pretty cool.