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Monday, March 25, 2013

She Made Do

I've been too busy helping my fella friend to do any sewing so today I am sharing photos of one of the few antique quilts in my collection. I bought this about 20 years ago when my guild took a bus trip to Kalona, Iowa. I have no history on it, but it is 130 years old or more. 

The pattern is a variation of the Union Square or Contrary Wife block. Don't you just love how we can't keep the names straight.  Isn't  it interesting how the blocks are sometimes scrappy and sometimes not. Two of the blocks have a pair of little triangles arranged wrong. Have you ever done that on purpose in one of your quilts. Nobody is perfect, so you better not try to achieve it in your quilts. Wouldn't want to insult God. Like there's a chance I'd make a "perfect" quilt. HA

This quilt came complete with a nice hole in it  in  the center square on the block on the far left in the picture below.  I hear it is typical for old quilts to have a hole like this. If not made from a mouse, than likely from bed springs. I guess I ought to repair it so handling the quilt doesn't stress the hole and make it bigger. I'll have to put it on my list. The long some-day list, of course.
I counted the different scraps in this quilt once and came up with 78 different prints used. It was easier to count than you'd think. First all the pinks, than the browns, than the oranges. . . I pull it out once in a while especially like a week or two ago when I was tempted by an antique quilt on ebay.

Things aren't likely to settle down with my fella friend real soon. It looks like he will be moving. Just how soon  or where to we don't know. Mental illness is ugly to deal with. It brings me great joy to know that I am making a difference in his life.
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