Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Adjustment

I haven't done any sewing or quilting in the last two weeks. I was working on 2 quilt tops - my Flying Geese quilt and Bow Tie blocks done; these are the newest.  I'm loving it. The Flying Geese blocks are waiting to be joined. I should be able to get back to it soon now that things are settling down.
I haven't written in 2 weeks for several reasons. First, I came down with the flu. We were at the hospital with our 92 year old neighbor that we help take care of. I went to the bathroom because I felt sick to my stomach. A nurse found me there and very quickly put me in a wheelchair put a mask on my face and a pan in my lap and pushed me out the door. Mark got sick just a few hours after me so we were not at Dorothy's bedside when she died the next day. By Thursday we were better so we could attend the funeral and then helped clean her stuff out of Assisted Living.

Adjusting to Mark's retirement has been easier because of Dorothy. He would go visit her nearly every day, leaving me a few hours alone.With her gone we will need to make another adjustment to our lives. Preretirement  Mark was gone at work nearly 12 hours a day. Now he will be underfoot even more. One of the hardest things for me with him around all the time is that I want to retire, too. Yet I like my job. And work just started for the season. With everything going on between  my fella friend and Dorothy  it's been hard to focus. I'm anxious for a new normal to settle over us.

It's also Show Season! I enjoyed the Mukwonago Crazy Quilters Annual Quilt Show on Saturday followed by the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilters show on Sunday. I went with Judy on Sunday. We had alot of catching up to do. One thing for sure. The quilts in the shows are getting better. Lots of fancy machine quilting. The Baltimore Album customer quilt that Judy quilted won best of show in Mukwonago. Way to go Judy! I didn't do much damage to my wallet. 32 different half yards and  a pack of Bali Crackers. All very inspiring. I hope you can enjoy a few shows this spring.

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