Monday, March 4, 2013

Cabin Fever

Would you believe this was the start of the pink and brown quilt I planned to make? After stacking up my Civil War pinks and browns and viewing such quilts on google images I reconsidered. This is the block anyway. I've been wanting to do something with flying geese for a while. I prefer to make 'em the old fashioned way. I rotary cut individual, loose triangles, sew them together and press. Amen. It will be fun to see how big this one gets.

I was browsing through the catalog from Hancock's the other day. I was so close to placing an order when Sue came over with Cabin Fever. It's not like she gave it to me or anything, but I wanted to find some more blue to border the Delectable Mountains quilt.  So yesterday we went on a shop hop. Good thing I checked that the furthest shop of choice was closed on Sunday. Milton was first.  I only stopped once on the way there to check the map. It just didn't look familiar in winter. They had the blue I needed and I was low on greens and I had to check the clearance and yes, I was having a good time. And no, these won't all go in the same quilt. Janesville next. We walked in on a sale. Yippee. I love their Civil War prints. I think I showed pretty good restraint considering the sale. I was looking for what I saw in the catalog and I found them.

 Not far from there was Delavan. I'd never been between those two shops so I had to stop and check the map again. We stopped there and was surprised that they were to find them closed. I don't think that is usual for them. I must have missed my turn on the way back home from Delavan so stopped to look at the map one more time. Again I was heading in the right direction. In fact, I liked the route so much that I will go that way from now on. I know Walworth county better than Sue, but not as good as I thought. We passed the Elkhorn shop too but they too are closed on Sundays. Actually we already spent enough, we just weren't ready to go home. So then we stopped for a sandwich.

We were glad to get out of the house. We first thought we'd go on Tuesday but the forecast is for 6 to 8" more snow. That's fine with me. I've got quilting to  do. And I'll go check out the blogs linked up at Judy's.


Nann said...

Your "any which way" geese look promising. They'd look good in any colorway, I think.

Chris said...

The geese are great. Lucky you to stumble on a sale on a shop hop!!