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Monday, December 10, 2012

More for Others

We are meeting at church a week early this month cause of Christmas, so that means tomorrow. I missed the Oct. meeting when Jean passed out directions for her block for the exchange. I usually get those done right away, so that means they are due tomorrow. She asked for these string blocks. Fast and easy. Perfect for this time of year.

I also got the bindings done on the last 2 quilts. They go so quick when I do them entirely by machine, I wonder why I put it off. And the blocks are all done for the mystery quilt I've been working on. I haven't even arranged them on the flannel wall yet though.

My life will be changing pretty soon. My guy has only 5 days left of work before he retires! I hope it doesn't take long to adjust.  I have a few good friends that suggest when I need  a break that I come visit them. As much as I appreciate it, I am sure none of them intend for me to stay for several days straight.  I am sure I will need a quilting retreat this spring.  Now to find one before it is too late to register.
But first let's check out the other blogs linked up at Judy's for  Design Wall Monday.

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Dar said...

Your string blocks look great. I love to piece those. I just got Bonnie Hunter's "String Fling" book that just came out. Can't wait to try some of the patterns in it. Your mystery quilt blocks look interesting too.