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Monday, December 31, 2012

Cactus Basket

I haven't had much of a chance to check other blogs, but I imagine quite a few have posts finally showing quilts that were made and gifted for Christmas. I don't generally make quilts for gifts, but I did this year. And like many other bloggers, didn't post a picture cause the recipient reads my blog. I made this basket quilt  wall quilt for my sister. I think it was on the wall within minutes of her opening the package, because she soon took a picture of it on her wall and emailed me the picture with a few words of thanks.

I suddenly decided to make this little quilt when I was cutting out little diamonds for a  Live Oak Tree quilt block. I was looking for a brown for the tree trunk and came across a basket weave print that immediately said -  make baskets instead. I love it when fabric talks to me, don't you?  I'd been wanting to do a small basket quilt for some time, and I thought Carol would like one too so I set out to make two little basket quilts. This was around Thanksgiving. When I mentioned my plan to friend Judy, she commented that I'd never get it done in time. Of course, I had to prove her wrong. Carol's was finished and in the mail in time for her to open on Christmas. I haven't started mine yet because having already made one with the Cactus Basket pattern, I have to choose a different basket pattern for mine. Been there, done that, right? So that is now on my someday list.

All my Lemoyne Star blocks are done and I have begun to sew them together into rows. With any luck, I should finish that top tonight. I usually also post on Thursday, so you can check back then to see it. So far, I am loving it and Mark likes it too.  Time to check the blogs at Patchwork Times.

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