Monday, December 24, 2012

Piecing on Auto Pilot

In the bits of time I've snatched here and there in the last few days I've managed to finish the 16 blocks with the muslin background I need  for my new Lemoyne Stars quilt. After making so many of these blocks, it takes no thinking on my part, or no concentration. So much for making another crumb quilt this week.

I have the other pieces cut out, so I'll keep sewing when I have a few minutes. I wouldn't be surprised if I finish that top by New Years. I am keeping it simple, in spite of the 300 or so set-ins the quilt requires. I know alot of people avoid set-ins like the plague, and I don't understand why. I would far rather deal with them than the bulk of the extra seams if I made stars from half-squares I'm showing at the left. The half-squares don't really give you diamonds, which I prefer.  But then, I spose if one doesn't have a pattern for the version with diamonds and they don't want to cut out the parallelograms that deal with 16ths of an inch and . . . Yeah, I  talk with myself like this often.

Yesterday with  my sister and her kids was great.  Mark and I had a nice visit, lots of yummy food, a brisk walk to look at the lights coming on in town and a latte at the coffee shop. Why do we wait for the holidays to do it??? Dear daughter is coming here this afternoon with friend and tomorrow our fella friend will be here for dinner. No doubt I will be able to catch a few minutes to sew. Nice and Pieceful.


Angie said...

Your star blocks are beautiful. Happy Holidays

lj_cox said...

I'm with you on set-in seams; the quilts look nicer without and IMO it's less work than piecing stars from HST squares.

I like your lemoyne stars!

kadyb said...

Happy holidays! I hope you enjoy your visits with your family and friends.

Deanna said...


Cheryl said...

I love the Lemoyne Star and yours are beautiful.