Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little here, a little there

My list is constantly changing. That's a good thing. I accomplish a few tasks, cross them off, and add a few more. I replaced the block that was spinning wrong and got the blocks together. But first I had to audition this green for sashing.
  Yeah, well, I never liked sashing much anyway. So I arranged them as originally planned.
I thought they looked a bit like flowers (missing their center) but Mark - not so much. He thought it looked a little busy, too. With that thought in mind, I thought I'd skip the cream inner border and just add the light green. It's about all I have left of any of the other fabrics.

I also got one more of the bindings done - so, two more to go there. And I took a break today for a much needed massage. I haven't had one in nearly a year. I find them very therapeutic, but  I was feeling so good all year, I didn't need to go till recently.

I'm back to my cutting. I never intended to quit while I was doing that marathon cutting.
 Now I am cutting 1 1/2" diamonds for a Forbidden Fruit Tree block. Unless I get carried a way, I am planning to make only one block with several  rounds of diamonds for the leaves arranged very much like a lone star but with just 5 diamond segments instead of 8 and a tree trunk. Come back and you'll see.


Heather said...

much more interesting without the pale green sashing.

Little lisa said...

Beautiful even on the wall