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Monday, December 17, 2012

2 days and counting

I'm happy with all the quilting I've gotten done in the last month, considering it's holiday season. All my bindings are done plus a few other projects including this mystery quilt. I made one more block to arrange them  6 x 6 instead of 5 x 7. I had enough of all the fabrics except I was short one purple rectangle. It's sure nice to have an extensive stash to find a suitable substitute.

Considering the holidays aren't a real big deal around here, you would think that my stress level is pretty low especially with all the sewing I have been doing .  Well, it's not. That is probably cause I really hate the shopping involved. So every year I procrastinate when it comes to shopping. I don't know why I procrastinate. My husband loves it and every years he rescues me. He doesn't do it all or even alone. But I find going with him enjoyable. And he spends far more than I ever would alone. That is actually a good thing.

So Wednesday he's going to work for the last time, just for a hearing exam and to turn in his ID card. He wants me to go along so we can go shopping afterword. For what???? He doesn't have a clue. Is this supposed to be some sort of retirement celebratory purchase? Something for Christmas? For who? I might have to take him by JoAnn's and show him the Accucut Go . . . Do I want it? And except for wrapping a few gifts, I'm nearly ready. How about you?
It's Design Wall Monday. I am going to check out the blog's linked up at Judy's to see if everyone is getting their projects done for their gift giving.

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Paula, the quilter said...

I don't have an AccuQuilt cutter of any size, and like you, I am uncertain if I want one. The quilt you show at the top of the post is lively!