Monday, January 31, 2011

Quilt Seeds

It didn't take long to get the World's Fair quilt top finished once I finally sat down to do it.  I am happy with it even if it is a little dark.  It gives me a cozy feeling with the snow blowing outside.  Were expecting our 1st big snowfall of the season, and I'm looking forward to being snowed in.   I usually can find lots of time for quilting during a snowstorm.

A lot of times when I make a quilt I just cut and cut and cut some more. Then I end up with lots of extra pieces.  They are usually just filed away in their proper places with my scraps.  Sometimes I have enough similar, left over pieces that I feel it would be enough for the start of another quilt.  That's when I call them quilt seeds. After working with those dark colors and it getting dark early in the evening I need a little something brighter to work on next. Rummaging around in my closet I came across this pile of quilt seeds.

I am not sure but, I think they were leftovers.  I remember the quilt I planned them for. I made them in a workshop I took.  They're nothing but 4" half-square triangle units and 4" four-patches.  I know there were other units made for that quilt, but I don't remember that I ever finished it.  If I made it,  I'm sure I passed it on to church for a comfort quilt.  But if I made it, then why don't I have a picture of it? It couldn't have been all a dream if I have these leftovers. It might have been that at the time I was questioning 'Why am I taking a picture of everything I make?'

I actually have quite a small pile of leftovers, more than this photo shows.  These are the same units that I just got done playing with in the World's Fair quilt and I don't want another quilt that looks too similar.  So I will have to come up with another different block. That shouldn't be too difficult.  There are a number of Jacob's Ladder variations. Maybe I will check the Jacob's Ladder images on the web to see if anything strikes my fancy. I am going to sit by the window and watch it snow while I sew.  It's so peaceful, I just love it. Sew long.

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Vivian said...

I just love the term "quilt seeds", it's the perfect way to describe those types of bits and leftovers.