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Friday, January 28, 2011

Go Figure

 I have hardly had a chance to do any quilting. I thought by now the border would be on my World's Fair quilt.  I added the 1st plain border, arranged the blocks for the border and they didn't fit. I checked the plan that I drew up in EQ. Sure enough, I figured wrong.  There weren't enough blocks in the plan.  So the program stretched them to fit.  This was my fault because my corners turned out just the way I wanted them. I didn't stop to do the math.  I've been doing too much of that lately.

In reality, it didn't work.  So I had to reconfigure the border. The solution was simple enough,but I did have to rework a few blocks.  They're all lined up ready to sew together. Nothings going to stop me now. Stay tuned and you'll see that I'll get it done this weekend.

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