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Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions, Goals, & Challenges

Well I met my quilting goals for the last couple of weeks. Plan C is now together and I'm pretty happy with it.  And look at that red border.  You don't see that too often here. I'm enjoying it on the flannel wall for now, so I think I will leave it there for a while.

Like I expected, I've  begun work on one of the kits. The block is called World's Fair, it's a Jacob's Ladder variation.  Actually, all one hundred of the blocks are done. I like to arrange them on my flannel wall before I put them together,but I want to enjoy Plan C for a while. Meanwhile I'll do some quilting on the frame in the studio.  I  know how I am going to finish it so it will go together quickly when I get back to it.  And it's going to be a big one too.

I don't think I have made New Year's resolutions more than once or twice, and I'm not really too big about setting goals, but I do respond well to challenges.  The other day my mother made the comment "Oh,you'll never use all your fabric." That sounded like a challenge to me. I just have to get that notion out of my head because for some reason I'm thinking I'm supposed to do it in the next year,when  I am sure she meant the rest of my life.  Perhaps she would take that back if she knew that I have already made over 350. 

Well, my mind wouldn't allow me to let it go and so I have been curious as to how many quilts I could make with my stash. And I thought of a way I could actually estimate it.  I'd like a volunteer to come and help me though.  How does this sound? Using a baby scale I weighed a completed queen-size quilt top. It weighed 3 pounds.  I could assume that is the average and weigh all the rest of my quilting fabric,do the math and then I would have a good idea. I'm not sure how I would want to factor in estimates for the quilt backs.  Any suggestions? Any volunteers?

And why am I thinking this way? Probably because I know that there are some gals that actually measure and/or track how much yardage they have or use. And some keep a database of their 104 UFO's. I think I would rather make another quilt. But still, it could be fun.  I think I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight.
Sew long and sweet dreams.

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Laurel said...

Gayle, I LOVE the hollow star quilt. What a great design and use of your scraps!

And BYW, I have a ton of fabric and don't even want to guess how many quilts I could make from it all. For me, it would take the fun out of a) knowing that I have it; b) knowing that I can go to it and mix n match it no matter what it was originally purchased for; and c) make me feel guilty for having so much. I'm not one of those who tracks yardage, or even officially my UFOs. I just buy what I want (when I can afford it) and use it when want. No guilt!