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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter wonderland

More snow.  We are lucky we haven't been dumped on too much this winter. I love it. Just hate driving in it.  I'm kinda keeping it to myself around here lately cause Mark is having trouble with his snow removal equipment. Just what he doesn't need. He does 4 driveways.

One thing I like about the snow is that it keeps me home where my sewing machine is.  Those quilt seeds I mentioned last week were the inspiration for this quilt I'm calling Snow Trails. Most might see it as a Jacob's Ladder variation. I rummaged around for old bright scraps to use up to add to that pile of seeds. Below is the block, just different enough from the World's Fair quilt even though they use the same pieces. (Yes, more triangles in this one.)

Yesterday I was called away from the longarm just as I was about to finish a quilt. Just two 4" flowers left. I am going to go do that now. Then it is off to a Super Bowl party.  The Packers are playing. 
Coming up next : bright batiks in a Thirtysomething design.

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Cheri said...

I definitely see the snow trails. Sure is pretty. This 4P and HST pattern has so many possibilities. I could do these for quite awhile. Praying Mark gets his equipment up to snuff...Hubby does some of that stuff so I understand when it's down.