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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to celebrate

Please consider this a thank you to everyone that's bought my latest book.  I just heard from the publisher that they are already ordering a second printing of my new book, just 2 months old.  How great is that? To keep it going I'd like to see more reviews on Amazon.  So if anybody has a few minutes, I'd appreciate that too.  One gal wrote a wonderful, very detailed review. WOW. Wish I had the time to check out her other reviews.

You can kinda tell by my e-mail that it is January after the release of another book. Tis the season that the requests come in for lectures and workshops and there is always an increase after a new book. So paperwork and responding to those e-mails has taken a bit of time from my quilting.

I hope you all watch the sidebar for new additions. One I need to add soon is a list of corrections to my books.  Few have been reported and I hope you can all understand how they happen.   I only wish I had the opportunity to check over the page proofs one last time before each book goes to press. Sorry for the inconvenience they caused.

One day last summer Lucrecia came by needing an airplane pattern.  So I showed her Electric Quilt and how to draw up a block with it and this is what we came up with. She did a great job. Now I want to make an airplane quilt too.  Isn't it cute? Uh Oh, what is happening to me?  I don't do cute.
Well, thanks again everyone. Haaaaaaaaaaappy Quillllllllllllltig.

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