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Friday, January 3, 2014

Quilting Time

We're just a few days into the new year and I am all settled in for a long winter of quilting. I hope I find more time for blogging, but I spect it will be like usual and come summer I will be outside more than in the studio. I've looked back and reviewed my accomplishments this year and they are fewer than usual for me. I have no regrets .I feel better than I have in years, happy with the progress on the book and happy with my quilting life. I'm not one to set goals, so I won't, but I will say that I hope to be able to continue to make quilts as I desire. I hope to use the longarm more too. I think getting this book out is goal enough for the year.

I don't have tons of ufo's to finish up either, not counting 100 +/- tops and I haven't got a clue what kind of quilts I will be working on this year, but it is early.  One of the piles of blocks on my cutting table came out of the closet a month ago. I've finally taken some time to work with them. Analyzing why I haven't finished this project sooner, I have to say that I think it was cause I just didn't like it. The fabrics were kinda dull. I remember though, that the fabric was kinda old when I started this. Oh dear, now they are even older. But as I studied them, I realized I could make a simple change to improve things a bit. This is what I started with. Notice the black triangles in the corners. I decided that it had to go and it would be an easy fix.

With the pieces for the blocks was a blue print I musta intended for the borders. There was enough for me to change out the black for a blue print. The black triangles were too small. They were already sewn into the unit so I just cut them off and replaced with the blue in a better size.  I am sure I will like this more, even if the fabrics are old.

Finishing up a PHD is a good way to start the year, I'd say. I found I like it too, cause so many of the decisions have been made already. I hope you are able to keep warm and dry and stitch the winter away.

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