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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Does it make you smile?

Are you cleaning out your studio too??? I'm asking because it seems the quilters around here are. Last night I saw a friend and with a third friend help her start to organize her fabric. The daughter moved out and left an empty bedroom. It was fun to see in Joy's collection lots of fabric I've used in the past. She also had quite a collection of vintage fabric maybe 1950's and 60's. There was lots there that wouldn't make me smile, but she was sure happy with it. I had to keep telling myself  'that's what counts'. We did agree on three pieces being about the ugliest we ever saw.  Too much fun. And so glad I came home empty handed. Well, except for a quilt she wants me to deliver to someone here in town.
Then this morning I nearly missed the meeting at church. 3 of the ladies in our group cleaned out and sent their rejects to church. One had nice pieces (Thanks, Nancy),but  two had a grocery sack of itty bitty scraps. I wonder if they think I actually want them cause of the scraps books I wrote and I like to organize that stuff. Actually not that itty bitty, but small enough that I can use them to demo how to do crumb quilts. They've asked to see that.
Also at quilting this morning we discovered some small boxes of precut fabric squares. Looks to be 40's, 50's and a few 60's.  The ladies weren't too interested in using it for our comfort quilts, but I know Sue likes that stuff, some of it anyways. I will see if she is interested before I decide what to do with it next. The lady that cut these wasn't fussy about the fabric she used. Lots of bottomweight fabrics. Not that the stuff was ugly, but pretty heavy to be mixing in with a finer cotton. Then again there were a few uglies in there too.  I hear it's those uglies in  a quilt that makes it so interesting and the others look so beautiful. I guess I oughta look at them twice and see if any of them make me smile.

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