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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not Inspired Enough

Yesterday I showed some of the blocks a friend gave me 20 years ago. Here I am showing more of the orphan blocks from that  same collection.

As you can see, they are every bit as interesting as the first bunch. When she sewed them, by machine, she didn't stop 1/4" from the edge of the patch to allow for a seam allowance to either turn under and appique or set-in the background piece. Some of this could be fixed. The green and red blocks that are the same are partially pieced and partially machine appliqued These too are made using flannel, seersucker and a very fine gauze type fabric.One of the patches is actually two layers of the fine gauze.
Sue really likes to sew curved  patchwork and loves the 1930's style. Maybe she will want to make a pattern off of one of these.  I am more likely to copy the last one in the corner.

 I don't know how to explain the 9-patch made of the sheer dotted swiss. That one is machine sewn. This was one of two 9-patches in the bunch. They both looked to be made from samples/swatches of one fabric line.
  And look closely at the blue block. Partly pieced by machine and part by hand. No, the white fabric is not printed with little dark dots. If you check it close up, you can see the embroidered holes of the eyelet. Such a hoot!

 And aren't these beautiful. Each block has been hand pieced and left unfinished. I think I had as many as 30 of these at one time, but sold off my least favorites. If I choose to finish them I would have to set-in 14 pieces in each block. I guess I could handle that. But, I haven't been inspired enough yet. Then again, I haven't seen them spread out like this in a long time. Sure are fun. I hope you enjoyed them.

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