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Monday, December 30, 2013

Design Floor Monday

My design wall is occupied with a project for the book, so here's  a photo of my grandma's flower garden quilt on the floor. I picked it up a week ago and declared that I was anxious to get it done and my hubby couldn't understand why. I'm hoping you understand and I won't have to explain.  Considering I don't plan to add any more flowers, I'm getting pretty close. I do plan to arrange in hexagon layout like I am showing, that way it will fit as a tabletop in the living room. I have it on two different pieces of green  fabric. Looks like too much green to me, so I will have to consider my options again once the blocks are all joined. It should be good for spring - some year.

 Work is going well on the book, but it will still be a while before it is in hand.  Perhaps an explanation is due. Earlier I said that I hope to be close to done with it about now. And I am. But next it needs to be laid out in some desktop publishing program and then sent to the printer. Still have a few quilts to tweak and two samples to finish before photography, too. This could easily take a few months. But I am right on schedule and pleased with how it's going. Hopefully soon my time will be free to work on something I can show here.

 It's been a year now since Mark has retired. I guess were about as adjusted as we will ever be. Lately, all he's had to do is clear snow. And except for running errands,  I like knowing he is home, safe and sound. I've really enjoyed all the snow this month. With no place much to go but the sewing room, I couldn't be happier cause from here, it's just pretty.

It's Monday, that mean's it's time to check out the pretties linked up to Judy's.


Linda said...

Nice fabric choices for your hexies. I like the green background. Especially the darker one. Those hexies are just so addictive aren't they?

A Nudge said...

I'm looking forward to your book, Gayle - they're a lot of work, but oh so rewarding. Love your hexies! I invite you to link to Hexie Friday to show them off to other hexie lovers. Happy New Year!