Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wrinkles impossible to iron out

We had a fabulous time in Pennsylvania visiting my sister and her husband and seeing the quilt shows. And I finally got Carol’s quilt back to her.  Our luggage was delayed, so she didn’t get to see it till the morning after we arrived. I’m pretty sure she was happy with it. I got it quilted in January, and finally put the binding on it last week.  Rather than ship it out ahead, I packed it in our suitcase.  That left lots of room for my purchases on our return flight.

The show was at the new convention Center in downtown Lancaster.  What a beautiful building.  And yes the quilts were beautiful too, of course.  Most of the quilts were not in a style that I would do yet I found plenty of inspiration in all of them. I'm glad I wasn't the judge. The show was spread out over 3 floors.  That was fine, but I didn’t care for the arrangement of the quilts and vendor booths.  Very scattered, in fact, I think I missed a short row.  Halfway through the day we went down the street 2 blocks to the quilt and textile Museum.  (The photo below shows the ceiling in one of the rooms, a former bank and 2 favorite quilts from the show.)  I thought it should have been called the quilt and Christmas museum.  The only textiles I saw there were quilts, but I loved the Christmas display.  I thought it would be a display of Christmas quilts but it was really rooms set up decorated for Christmas over the last century ...
The show at the Host by Quilter's Rule was small, but nice - couldn't get lost. The quilt exhibit by Mary Kerr was great. She challenged quilters to use an antique block in a 24" quilt. 6 different times. 80 of the quilts were there. I loved it, so I got her book, A Quilt Block Challenge, Vintage Revisited.  Parts of the exhibit are traveling, so if you get the chance, try to see it.  We never made it across the street to the other hotel to see the vendors or the Quilts of Valor exhibit. She decided a visit to the doctor was more important.

On Saturday, the guys took us at our request to the Train Museum in Strasburg. Then we went to Weaver's Dry Goods and Eldreth Pottery. I think we should start there next time. Maybe even next year.
Before we left, I was determined to get a good shot of our wrinkles. So we spent Sunday morning before our flight with our cameras hitting the delete button. Now, if only we could delete those wrinkles. I guess the cheapest option to minimize mine is to add a little weight to fill out my face and smooth them out a bit.

 All the hassles at the airport both going and returning were nearly enough to discourage me from flying there again.  Our flight from Milwaukee to Detroit was canceled so the airline sent us in a limousine to catch a flight out of Chicago on a different airline.  We arrived on schedule but the luggage didn't show up till 3 am.  Our return flight departed on time, but our flight out of Chicago was delayed because of thunderstorms.  The flight was changed 4 times and the gates was changed 4 times.  Even then we sat on the runway in the plane for half an hour . We arrived home about 2 ½ hours late. I guess it could’ve been worse. It could have been a business trip where I needed my luggage for a program.

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