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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A clue with an option

Do you ever feel like you are being bombarded with ideas for quilts? It happens to me all the time and I just have to share. That's what I do.  I call this quilt “It’s Getting Late”.  It’s from my book Thirtysomething, too!  I really like these stars and always thought that I would make another quilt with these stars, but rather than arranging the stars the way I did, I thought I would alternate light stars and dark stars and use a completely different style of fabric.  That quilt has been on my to do list for probably 10 years now.

The stars in this quilt were made using some of the same units that we’ve made for the mystery quilt.  I was reminded of this quilt when I played a little with my pieces for the mystery quilt.  I have to admit I never thought to color the stars scrappy like this.

Have you tried different arrangement of the pieces to see what designs you might come up with? I’ll give you a clue.  I thought that I could follow the directions for the quilt I planned without presenting any options.  I find that very difficult to do, so here are your options. You need to join 4 Thirtysomething units to make the centers for 9 stars. 

Option 1 is the easiest and that is to make four-pointed stars.
Option 2 is to sew the units together with the points in the center. 
Option 3 is to make 4 of Option 1 and 5 of Option 2.

I have no preference when it comes to pressing the seam allowances.  My general rule is to press in the direction of least resistance, and sometimes I press the seams open.  That’s what I’ve done here.

Here’s one more quick step.  Sew together pairs of a half square triangles units to make flying geese units with the light background as the geese.
That's it for now. Boy, keeping you in suspense like this has been fun. Next week will be the big reveal with one more option!

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