Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mystery solved

It's time for the big reveal. So here is how all the pieces go together, Well, my pieces.

I do recall that I had you cut some extra half square triangles of the light background fabric.  No you don't need to correct me.  I recall that I had you cut too many.  Again sorry about that.  BUT if you would like, and  if you happen to have more coordinating scraps, (and who doesn't?) you could use them for an additional piece border like I did here.   If you would like to add the extra pieced border, you will need a total of 56 half-square triangle units from 3 7/8 inch triangles, and 4 dark squares 3 1/2" for the corners.
My original plans were to simply add another plain border and be done with it like I've shown here.

 Of course the center of your stars may be different and you may alternate centers if you've done both options. And because I am all about options, instead of Thirtysomething units in the corners you could just use 4 light background squares like I've shown here.

Now I just need to decide if I like it best with another plain border or not. And do I have the courage to use some jazzy thread on that white background?

Well, I had fun, I hope you did, too.

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SueR said...

I didn't do the mystery quilt, but I followed along and collected the information. I think the quilt is really pretty, and I like your last one the best, the one with the two pieced borders. Thank you for sharing! Hope you'll do another mystery quilt sometime.