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Monday, March 14, 2011

A pleasant valley Sunday or Monday

Just another pleasant day down here in the valley known where I live as Skunks Misery. It's spring. I've heard the robins all week and I finally saw one this morning. The red-wing blackbirds are back to the marsh across the street and the geese have been heading north for 2 weeks. That's my definition of spring anyways.

I forgot. Last week between trips to the hospital for my neighbor I made this little top. The little ones sure go together quickly.  No wonder they are so popular. I have a spot on my sewing room wall that needs a few little quilts. This is number 2. The Whig's Rose was number 1. We have been in this house 18 years and they finally got to the top of the list. I have space for 4 and I haven't planned the next 2 yet.

This is my busy season. Now and Fall.  I have to get ready for classes coming up, especially Quilt Festival in Cincinnati in April. Also I am off to Pennsylvania on Wed. for the quilt shows in Lancaster. One by AQS and the other by Quilter's Rule. I'm really looking forward to those, cause I am not working.  It's going to be great. Or at least it better be. I need the break.

Tomorrow is comfort quilting at church. Any photos from that will have to wait till I get back from Lancaster.
Look for the next step in our mystery on Thursday as usual.  I understand I should be able to schedule the post to appear as desired. Like magic. Aren't computers fun?

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