Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Midsummer Report part 1

It seems I finally found some time to report about the sewing I've done lately.  That means mostly since the first of the year! When I look back at what I have sewn I feel better about it cause there is more than I thought.
First is the Little Trees quilt. I finished the top and promptly gave it away, totally forgetting to get a picture. I should still be able to do that though. We did that quilt in both Thursday and Friday classes this winter, though I didn't finish mine till spring sometime.
 I made most of the blocks in these two orphan block quilts. I did them over the last few years as demo pieces. I don't know why I didn't coordinate them better, I just grabbed scraps and made a block. The church ladies must have joined them into about 10 comfort quilts by now. I am sure they still all haven't been sewn into quilts yet, tho we are done with sampler blocks for  a while.  I enjoyed that more than I thought, always choosing different blocks, patterns and techniques. I didn't get bored with them for a long time.

Recently the Friday group made Sunshine and Shadow quilts. I've made this before in red and yellow. It was fast, fun and easy and I had the fabric in the stash to make another one.

Almost ready to show a few more. Stay tuned.