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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Done Diddly

Well, I've done diddly since Thanksgiving. Unless work on a book counts. All I've done re: quilting is one of the bindings on my list. Glad to check it off.

What I have been busy with, is a new computer and some Christmas shopping. Mark sure makes the shopping enjoyable for me and when the shopping is for me that's all the more enjoyable. Most gifts are bought now. That's a bit early for us. The computer I surprised myself with. I didn't really plan the purchase and it will take a while to get it up and running. I had to order an upgrade my phone service and internet connection. I've meant to for a while but it falls under the category of shopping and I really don't like that. My nephew, the walking computer will come by to finish setting it up then.  It's snowing today so I put out my 
4small treeees that I keep decorated. That's the most Christmas spirit I've seen around here since I got this.  I think my sister sent it because she heard me grumble "Bah- humbug" a few too many times in recent years. I'm on the right track now.
Thanks, Carol. And now the Packers won. Gotta celebrate.

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Deanna said...

So you are working on a new book. Exciting news! Keep us posted. I'll be glad to spread the news when the time comes.