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Monday, November 19, 2012

But Flying Geese ARE Birds in the Air

I finished the borders on this Last Monday night and I finally put it up on the wall to photograph. I must be a little tired of blue and green that I used the rust for the borders. I did try several and this was the best.

The cutting marathon continues. I'm finding all kinds of things to cut. I finished cutting the scraps of Civil War prints. One of my rotary cutters broke. It won't stay open. Glad I had a spare. And I am almost done with the quilt down in the studio. That's tonights project.

We don't usually do Thanksgiving dinner here but my fella friend bought a 20 pound turkey  for the 3 of us. After my sister asked to be included we decided to do it here. Not sure if daughter and friend will join us. I think this will become the usual now that mom and dad are both gone. It means a lot to this fella and my sister.
 It's Monday before Thanksgiving.I hope you all get a chance to hop over to Judy's to check out the design walls.


Gayle said...

How delightful Gayle! I recently made a small quilt using HSTs just like yours, but didn't have nearly enough to do a layout like this. I love it!

Julie Kaye from KS said...

Your quilt is beautiful. Great pattern for scraps.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Love all your HST's!!! It is on my 2013 list to make them all year long, and see what I can do with them towards the end of the year. Scrappy HST city!!!

Lori said...

watched a good cooking show on using your leftovers in some simple but classy dishes. The one on GAC channel--simply homemade or mostly homemade was the name of it. And your birds in air is almost done I gotta get mine out and work on it!! Woohooo----inspiration! Thanks Gayle!

Nann said...

I like the way that the FG frame the BITA. Once you've used up that rust you can start in on another piece you bought in quantity "because it would make good borders."

Diane said...

Which rotary cutter do you have that won't stay open? I love the Fiskar cutter and mine did the same thing. For some reason, when I apply pressure to cut, the blade pops back. BUT...Fiskars have a lifetime warranty and they are really good at replacing any defective tools.