Thursday, July 12, 2012

It all adds up

 I didn't get any quilting done cause I've been busy watering the gardens. But I did get this next comfort quilt on the frame. I didn't recognize it as  a kit I put together cause Lois often has other ideas. It's the same block, but she arranged the scraps randomly and then sashed it. Also Lois sometimes contributes her own fabric to the kit.

I have been grabbing minutes here and there to get some sewing done.  The borders are ready for the cheddar Rolling Stones quilt and the blocks are done and the cheddar has been shrunk.  Hope to cut it tonight when I get back from town and running errands. And Yuck, It's hot out again. Nuts! I've got paperwork piling up too.

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Cheri said...

I go back and forth all the time...that's how I came to have such a long list of UFOs. I agree the leaf quilt is perfect!