Thursday, July 5, 2012

I must be quilting

I must quilt more than I think I do. Here is another comfort quilt that I quilted. I left it in the studio and found it when I loaded the raffle quilt.
I must not quilt enough though. I forgot to change threads on this and quilted with white where I wanted to use blue. Good thing it wasn't important.  Also on the raffle quilt, I forgot to line up the first row of the panto correctly, so that goofed me up a bit. At least I didn't have to do any ripping. That is what I get for not using pantos very often.

With Mark off of work this week and temps hovering around 100 degrees I am pleased to be getting some sewing done even though he has me helping him with a project outside! With him retiring soon, I have been practicing for his retirement. "I still have work to do." Paperwork is next. Let's see if he understands why my  office door is closed. I suppose he will have to practice that too.

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