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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Scraps - A Favorite Theme

This holiday weekend I thought I'd get a chance to get some more serious sewing done. But I wasn't sew lucky. I decided to put "clean the garage" on the agenda for Saturday. And Sunday was spent with family. Neither were planned, but I am sure glad I did both.
When I saw Mom for church today she had some more scraps ready for me. Mom likes to pick at things and sort and organize them. I knew the scraps I was offered at the retreat would be something she would enjoy ironing and sorting. The were given to me sorted in two huge laundry baskets. One basket for lights and one for darks. I pulled out all the long strips under 1 1/4" wide and all the little bits. I'm slowly turning the rest of the scraps over to mom. She is pressing and sorting them for me. I will let her decide how small a piece she will putz with. My church group will use these with little additional cutting. We'll make crazy or crumb quilts and string quilts.

I made this odd width Log Cabin from similar scraps. If you look closely at the blocks you will see that the strip width varies from log to log. As the blocks get larger it is usually evident if you need to add a narrow or wide strip to keep the blocks kinda square. For the last round of logs I usually add wider strips(2 1/2" or wider). I keep a ruler handy as I add the last 2 logs to be sure I add a large enough piece. After the final pressing, I square them all to the same size.
I have only made 2 other log cabin quilts before, and that was fairly recently.

This is one of them. I'd almost abandoned it entirely as I'd only made 12 blocks and I didn't like the direction it was going. It had been a PHD for probably over 15 years before I picked it up again last year. I like pink now. I think I didn't for a while.

I sure enjoyed making the log cabins, so I think I will be doing more. How many have you made?
Sew long.

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