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Friday, April 10, 2009

Best Retreat Yet

I love whoever it was that started the whole concept of a quilters retreat. I am still feeling the effects of the retreat I took a few weeks ago. Having been to them before, though never often enough, I knew to pack plenty to work on. I packed 6 projects and never touched 3. But I did get a good deal done. One of the PHD's (Project half done) I packed was for this star quilt. I'd made these Golden Years stars about 10 years ago. I never finished the project because I didn't like the gold fabric I chose. In fact, I hated it with the green so much, that I threw away the pieces already cut and sewn for a pieced border. I did that cause I didn't want to be tempted to change my mind. That left me with 8 blocks. Duh! Why I didn't finish a 9th is beyond me.

Well, I enjoy a challenge like this, so I came up with an alternate block to use and simply made more green and yellow stars to go with it. Now I need to decide on which setting and what to do for the center block if I choose this version. And I haven't got a clue what I will do about a border. I'll probably sew the blocks together than put this project away again till I come up with something for the border.

That seems to be a pattern with me. One time I counted that I had 17 projects waiting for borders! And Yes, I already know they don't all need one.

This weekend I am going to get back to another project I worked on at the retreat. With luck you can see that soon too.
Sew long and thanks for visiting.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Hi Gayle,
I've been blogging now since September and enjoy it. Have you found my blog yet?
I look forward to reading yours and seeing what you are up to.

Julie Bagamary said...

Hello Gayle, I found your blog from Wanda. I really like the colors in this piece.