Wednesday, September 27, 2017

On my way

It's almost a habit! I realized that I'm actually trying to start a new one rather than resurrect an old one. In the past I used studio 1 and made tops. Now I am trying to do more work at getting them quilted in studio 2. It helped that the weather cooperated. I'm not working outside when it's 90. Evenings should be good. I don't like to join Mark  in the evening for a nap on the couch in ftont of tv or just as bad if he's awake and channel surfing.

The quilting  on this one is finished. I still have a few threads to tie off and binding to do. And I didn't delay in getting the next one on the frame. I'm doing the bow tie with out batting to use as a shower curtain. I'm almost done with that one too.

Meanwhile I am planning the quilting on the next one. That can slow me up a bit. I can usually decide how I want to quilt about  70% of it. I'm usually  stumped when it comes to the borders.  Maybe future quilts won't always have a border. Great solution.