Monday, September 18, 2017

A bit of a challenge

a challenge for me. I've not posted from my phone before. I always like to include a photo but I am having trouble uploading photos to my computer. I like to put them on the computer first because I can edit them better with the computer than on the phone.

So here's my photo for today's post. As you can see I decided on a dark blue to sash my nine patch blocks. I'm liking it a lot. Good thing because I have lots of blue. I don't know what I was thinking when I told Sharon to cut me three and a half yards. I knew I added a little more in case I wanted to make it bigger and I never manually figured out how much I needed I just used what the computer told me. But I think there was an operator error when I entered the size of the blocks or even the setting that it told me such a large amount. With all the quilts I've made I would have known if I thought about it for a minute or two that I wouldn't have needed three and a half yards for this quilt. So I think I will plan to make it bigger since I like it so much and I will even be able to back the quilt with the same blue plaid. tube order it I will simply go around with the same width sashing but without the cornerstones.

As far as developing my quilting ha bit goes I'm pleased to report that I've been doing some almost every day. That is if stash acquisition counts. I've been to another estate sale. Always have to hit those twice if you have the chance.n And I did.
the quilter was fond of reproduction fabric. So I lucked out and added a number of pieces to my collection for backs borders and backgrounds. I also snatched up some of the scraps that I didn't have so that I could add those to my charm quilt. The fabric was priced by the pound. It sure made things easier. I also got a few CDs so I can listen to some music while I quilt.  We get lousy reception on the radio down here in the hollow. I also picked up a half dozen Quilting books. I'm surprised how inspiring I find those estate sales to be. Next I am looking forward to cleaning out my closet and prioritizing my quilting for the fall.
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swooze said...

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Kate said...

The dark blue was an inspired choice. Your scrappy quilt looks great.

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