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Sunday, February 8, 2015

What I've Done

I've been playing on my wall. It's sure more fun than climbing the walls! I've made a bunch of the Penny's Irish Chain blocks and now I need to decide how I want to arrange them.  I thought I might like them placed in a Rainbow fashion rather than Randomly. It really helps me to decide when I see a photograph of them. I'm sharing the photos here but for kicks, I used the "auto contrast" setting in Picasa on the one photo. That feature doesn't usually deepen the tones so much. Which do you like rainbow, or random? I thought I was done piecing the blocks but when I put the blocks on the wall I found I still have plenty of 6.5" squares cut and since I have the scraps I may as well make more blocks.

I've also finished the quilting on "A Good Bet". I still have threads to tie-off and need to trim and bind it.

I've also planned the quilting for the next quilt to be finished. I wanted some simple diagonal lines similar to the way most antique quilts were finished. I also wanted to plan them to be as continuous as possible. Then I thought the diagonal lines alone are kinda boring. So I added a classic design.  I think the motif with four petals is called the teacup flower. What do you call it?


Vicki in MN said...

I am really liking the rainbow fashion on the Irish Chain, it's gonna be so pretty and soft!!

Ramona said...

I really like the rainbow setting, too. The colors are so soothing. Beautiful!

Judy Snider said...

I like them both, but the rainbow is my favorite!!!