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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Waste Triangles No More

It seems there are lots of quilters that use  a method to add a triangle on corners of patches that yield waste triangles. The method goes by many names, I call it folded corners.

You are likely familiar with the method where you'd cut a 2 1/2" square, place it over the corner of the patch where you want the little triangle, sew diagonally across the little square, flip, press and trim the underside waste triangle(s).

If you don't like the little waste triangle there's a way to avoid making them. You need to cut the two patches of course, but you will cut them exactly how you see them plus seam allowances. It's easy enough if you can sew a quilter's 1/4" seam.

Instead of cutting the little squares to sew and flip ( usually 2 1/2" squares")  you will cut triangles.Pick your favorite way. 2 7/8" squares cut once diagonally or an Eazy Angle Type ruler on a 2 1/2" strip.

Then to cut your larger patch, cut the base shape the measurement given in the pattern. Then trim the corner (where that square would have been stitched) before sewing on the triangle. In this example, trim a triangle 2 1/8" tall, measured on the short edge. I don't have all the triangle rules so I am not sure what line you'd use, so measure your tool. My Easy Angle ruler and the Omnigrid ruler are at Studio 3. I can measure them tonight and edit this.
 On Judy Martin's Ultimate S45 ruler,use the 2 1/8" line.

And I can tell you on this Creative Grids 45 triangle ruler,  use the 1 3/4" line.

I am editing this to clarify that doing it this way you are just trimming the little triangles off the larger square and there aren't two layers of fabric being trimmed off here. This picture is showing position of ruler on larger square. I had already sewn loose triangles on in the corners. And yes there is a bit of waste with the little triangles from the big square but none from a small square! Just saying, some gals don't like all the waste and this is another way. And some of us don't mind the waste but don't find folded corners to be an especially accurate way to do it.

There is a ruler that has these trimming templates printed on it in various sizes. It's the Rotary Mate ruler by Trudie Hughes. Contact PatchedWorks.com. 
Hope this helps.

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Dayquilt said...

But you still have a waste triangle from the square, you're just cutting it off before sewing it, instead of after. And it's easier to mess up if you cut it off before.