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Monday, October 13, 2014

Ready, Set, Go

Back from Louisville and all unpacked. Unfortunately the show was not well attended, but we had a good time. The vendors are all so nice and in the same boat. Always talk in a situation like that and it was pretty much agreed on that there are just tooooo many big shows.

 I sorted as I unpacked with my next trip in mind  to Houston quilt market in a few weeks. Not much to get ready for that trip so this afternoon I gave some thought to the sampler classes and what blocks we are doing next. All ready for that, I then went through some of my orphan blocks and am now considering getting back to making a few more sampler blocks to go with these 5 batik orphans.

Of course if I decide to do that, I would put it toward the bottom of the list as I have a few other projects in mind. OH WHY did I pull out that pile of orphans???

I looked for my setting fabric while I was gone but had no luck so I guess it is off to Sawdust and Stitches to find it. No doubt it will be there. Maybe Wednesday. Sharon will like that!

I think its Monday so I will link this post to Patchwork Times  and check out what everyone else is up to. See you around.

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Nann said...

That's an eclectic group of orphan blocks. I'll be interested to see how you tie them together!