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Friday, October 31, 2014

My Aunt Mary's Double Irish Chain

I've identified the pattern in my quilt from the neighbor as "Aunt Mary's Double Irish Chain". I'm still trying to figure out why he'd want to part with it. I guess there is just no accounting for some people's taste.  I am busy admiring it and as usual wonder how it looked before the fabric had faded.

 The blocks appear to be pieced by hand but joined with the sashing by machine.The edge is also finished by machine. On 3 sides the back is turned to the front and machine stitched in place. The fourth edge is actually seamed front to back. That would have done before it were layered and basted.

I counted over 37 different fabrics used. All but two are either solids or a plaid or stripe. The black print and the tan dot or flower are shown in the photo above. There are 2 stains in the one block and two small spots where I need to repair the line of stitching.  Several of the fabrics appear to me to be hand woven. ( How does one really know?)  And several were hand dyed including the back. The dye in one of the fabrics bled in two of the blocks. I place it in the first quarter of last century but can't pinpoint it any more than that. His mother or grandmother made it. He has no records of his family since they were lost in a fire at the courthouse and no one is left to ask. Many of the larger triangles  have multiple seams in them leaving me to suspect they were cut from old clothes.

I was going to link to the post about the other quilt he gave me but I can't find it. Must not have posted when I got it.  Stay tuned for details on that one. If you are visiting from the Facebook group you may want to click the link on the right under labels for "antique quilts". Thanks for visiting.

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Nann said...

What a wonderful gift! I love the way that the seamlines in old quilts become a little wobbly. This would be a fun block to recreate.