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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A few possibilities

I know some of you can't visualize the Shoo-fly quilt I've invited you to make with me, so I thought I would do a few EQ quilts for you to ponder.
The one at the left is the design I had first thought of doing. It just requires 10" squares. Then I thought about framing each block. Kinda liked that too. The frames could be cut from 2" or 2 1/2" strips.  Then I tried with a dark sashing (not shown), then a light one. I think I will do mine with the light sashing. It is shown at 64.5" x 73.5". The recipe I gave the other day would yield 80 blocks and only 42 are shown here. I have a few sashing ideas to quilt and I need a top to quilt them on. Because I am using 5 different light prints with my Bali Crackers, I am going to use the same 5 fabrics for my sashing placed randomly. Between the 5 prints I probably have 6 yards or more, so I am sure I have plenT.

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