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Monday, February 3, 2014

Golden Sunshine and Shadows

So I guess this is a Sunshine and Shadows. It sure went together quickly. My notes said it took half an hour to cut and it took me about 5 hours to sew it.  I especially liked having it all kitted up ahead of time.
Since I put the Sunshine and Shadows quilt top together I have been considering what other quilts I ought to kit up. I've got at least these 5 on my mind.

1.    wild goose chase in blue with oranges and pinks
2.    a stack and slash squares with more red, green, black and taupe
3.    a feathered star medallion wall quilt
4.    checkerboard stars with 9-patch centers in scraps
5.    a variation on Delectable Mountains in my authentic 1930's scraps.

I guess I'd like to plan more. First, I am going to Judy's to check out the Design Walls linked there.
Happy Quilting.


Ramona said...

I love it when I have kits ready for sewing time. A couple of times a year I spend a few days just cutting and kitting up fabric. Love your Sunshine and Shadows. The colors are beautiful.

Kate said...

Beautiful Sunshine and Shadow. Love the colors.