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Monday, February 17, 2014

Almost Together

What a perfect day for sewing. Snow, snow and more snow. We had to make a quick trip into town before the roads got bad, then I worked on finalizing some pages of the book. The rest of the afternoon  was spent joining these blocks.

I just have the corner triangles to add before the borders. I want to quilt this one soon, so that means I better put something else on the longarm to do a warmup. Hopefully sometime this week.

Tonight I hope to get back to the book. I'm getting real close to calling it done. This one has not been so easy to work on with Mark around, so it may well be my last book. Nine (books) is a good number, so I may settle for that.

It's not done snowing, but when it stops, I can expect Mark to be out plowing for 4 or 5 hours. 5" so far.  That will be a good time for getting more work done. Till then, I think I will go blogging. Too bad we won't be bumping into each other. I'm going to Judy's first for Design Wall Monday.

I hope your all enjoying the snow if you have it - like me.


Dora, the Quilter said...

I just love how this quilt is coming out, Gail. Those lovely warm triangles are bound to ease some of the cold!
Since we are having warmer weather here, I'm hoping it will work it's way in your direction.

Wendi said...

Beautiful quilt. I love how it is coming together so pretty!

Marly said...

It's a beautiful quilt; a nice way to use scraps, without creating an over-active mess.