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Monday, November 11, 2013

Sewing Block to Block

Sorting through my closet is still high on my list, but I am finding plenty to work on without having to go in there. With quilters coming here for lessons, I thought it would be a good idea to clean up the cutting table. The pieces for my Ladies in Waiting quilt have been sitting in a box on the table for months. I wanted to work on it only at retreats, but I don't have plans to go to any so thought I would finish it up. These pictures show how I join the blocks. Any other way slows me down.

When sashing is used, I start with it sewn to two edges of each block. Pressing is always toward the sashing - both seams - the block and the cornerstone. Then I arrange them on the wall.

Next I stack them off the wall in columns, from the top down leaving each column in order. Use a pin in the top edge of the top pile. Then from left to right I stack them in one pile. The upper left block ends up on top.

This next picture shows how I start to sew them together, they are only on the wall for you to see what is happening.  I take the first column (stack)  and sew them to the second column (stack) with chain piecing. 

Then I start at the top again and add column (stack) three. Now the rows forming are more obvious. At the end of column three, I break thread and start again at the top chain piecing the next column in place.

When all the blocks are sewn in place, it is time to sew the rows together. I always leave them joined with the twisted threads between the rows. But sometimes I stop and press before joining the rows. I find doing it this way the blocks stay in order and it is more efficient than just making one row at a time because there are fewer starts and stops cause I am chain piecing. BTW This is the same way blocks I sew blocks together.

 I still have to add the last outer row of sashing to the right side and bottom. This one gets a pieced border of stars so I am still far from calling it done.

 Last Wednesday I visited the Lake County Quilters guild and met fellow blogger Nan of withstringsattached.blogspot.com . It was so nice to meet her after visiting her blog all the time. And fun to see her latest creations in person.  I first found her blog after linking up to Judy's. And it's that time again to check out the other Design Walls that other quilters have linked there. Good day for blogging. It's raining here.


Julie Kaye from KS said...

I love your blocks. That is coming together nicely. Great colors!

Nann said...

It was so nice to meet you, too, Gayle!

Thank you for the reminder about sewing individual sash + sash/cornerstone units to blocks. I know it's easier and more accurate than sewing long strips of cornerstone/sash/cornerstone. Now I just have to remember that for the next project.