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Friday, November 15, 2013

Pluggin' Away

There are 9 more stars to finish before I can assemble the border. It gets exciting when the end is in sight. As I ponder loading this on the quilt frame, I dream of a bigger machine. Especially since it's felt crowded more and more often lately. There is time for investigating that later.

The last 9 blocks are stacked and ready to feed into the machine the same way I explained for putting the quilt top together. But here I will sew unit 1 (a square) to 2, then 4 to 5 then 7 to 8. and repeat until those 6 piles are gone. Then I will add unit 3 (a square) to row 1 (units 1 +2), then unit 6 to row 2 and unit (square) 9 to row 3 and repeat till there gone. I know. Clear as mud. 

I still have 4 corner blocks to make too. Not sure how I want to handle that. We will know soon. And I didn't forget that I offered the pattern for the block  I am using in "Ladies in Waiting" So I will share that next. Till then.

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