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Monday, October 28, 2013

Still Collecting

You can see here, I've got three columns left to sew to the Square in a Square quilt. What you don't see is that I goofed up rows one and two and had to stop and rip and rearrange them again. Maybe tonight.
 The purple and green block is a 'just cause I wanted to check the math'. It will join the other orphans.

I did take a few minutes to try a few different border ideas for this quilt. Didn't like any of them.  I'm going with its telling me to leave it without a border. We'll see who wins, me or the quilt.

I realize now I didn't get much quilting done all summer because I was busy collecting wildflower seeds.  I checked a seed catalog and apparently I saved over $700.00 by collecting my own seed for the half acre we want to change from lawn to wildflower/prairie. I collected over 32 different varieties. I will only need to purchase the prairie grass seeds. Some of the seeds will be started indoors in spring for plants closer to the house. I was having a good time and I sure didn't know I was saving that much money. No wonder my sister asked me how much I budgeted for that half acre.

And being Monday, it's time to check the Design Walls posted at Judy's. You can too.

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