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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sew much for setting goals

 The girls are here for quilting Thursdays this spring.  Sue finished her triple 4-patch using my fabric. She is thinking maybe she will quilt this one next winter (always by hand) and piece another one this spring. I hope so.
 Shaggy brought along this tablerunner.  She made it several years ago for a challenge we had. The only rules of the challenge I remember were to use the scraps from the small boxful I gave them and that they could add at least one more fabric. I remember being careful to pack brights in her box, but I was really surprised when she produced this. I guess it is still waiting for quilting, but at least it is basted. I won't always have photos of everyone's work because really this is my blog.

Nothing from me this week. I had to do some cleaning at my people's houses and I forget what else. I guess the goals I set for myself last week didn't help me at all. They weren't even successful at making me feel bad for not working towards them. I attempted to work on some of those projects I thought I could finish quickly, but with one, I couldn't locate more of the matching fabric I needed. Don't know how that happened cause I am so organized. And with the other project I picked up to work on. Well, I cut the pieces too small. Sooo, I put them away and dinked around with some ideas for another quilt.

Then I went shopping and ended up at the quilt shops in Milton and Janesville. I guess those are the places to go around here if you like the Civil War reproduction type. Which I do. And I don't get there often enough. Does that give you the idea that I spent $. Well, I had a good time and I had to replace the fabric Sue used, right?


Deanna said...

I hope you bought a little something...how tragic it would be to run out of fabric.

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing your friends' projects. Both are lovely. I didn't do well with my goal of getting the binding added to my current project. Oh well, it doesn't go bad, and I can always work on it this week.