Friday, February 10, 2012

Let the snow fall

This is as far as I got yesterday on the Birds quilt. The blocks are sewn together into rows for the first half of the quilt. (The rows are connected with chain stitching) I am working in two sections to make it easier to handle. The bottom half I started putting together this afternoon.

It's early Friday evening. The girls just left. I can't believe they came out in the snow for quilting. I don't mean to suggest they are desperate, but I live at the bottom of a hill and it can be wicked to drive in the snow. I will stay home thank you - and thank you girls for coming to join me for some sewing this afternoon.

Sue is starting a triple 4-patch using my reproduction 1800's. I have a system of letting certain friends  buy from my stash. She typically only buys 1930's prints and was getting bored with them. I'd like to lighten my load of 1800's. So it works out for both of us. Lucrecia started cutting out a grandmothers flower garden quilt. I worked on the birds.

Last night I dug out these orange batiks and found  more golds and oranges in the basket waiting to be washed. Then I washed and ironed them. They are sooo pretty. This was another case where I forgot I already bought some orange for the stash. I am low on blacks. I think that will have to be the next color to shop for.  See how that works?


Deanna said...

And I am low on orange and yellow. Yes, I find that colors come and go on phases.

Deanna said...

Hmmm...more oranges? Something good coming for sure.