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Monday, February 20, 2012

Thursday's meeting at Benny's was well attended but the shop will now be called Quilt's 'n Such. I was a little distracted that day because my daughter was having surgery. She is home now and doing fine.
 This is Sue's quilt in progress. She was required to bring it for show and tell the other night when she called at 9 pm looking for more fabric. Since she knows I am up till midnight she didn't hesitate to call. I was surprised because she is one of those early to bed early to rise kinda girls. My fabric is looking pretty good there, I'd say.  I guess I arranged the blocks wrong, but she liked it and might not set it barn raising style after all.

It was sure nice to attend a quilt show in winter. The Winter Quilt Show was a little small as show's go, but otherwise had everything you could want in a show - a bunch of free lectures and lots of vendors. My Sweet Pepper class Friday was not well attended. This was the 3rd year of the show and the first time classes were offered on Friday. The gals in class did an excellent job however not all wanted to share photos. This work is by Melissa followed by blocks from her friend Sue and another Gail.

I didn't get any sewing done this weekend with Mark home. But it was still nice out and we went for several walks and discovered a huge patch of Bittersweet vines growing along a path I've hiked often in the past. Sue was over today for even more fabric (She always makes big quilts.) and a walk to see the Bittersweet.  While she was here I cut and organized my 1800's scraps for a couple more kits. Now I don't know what to work on next because I have so many ideas started. Maybe it is time to make another list, that always helps me to prioritize. Quilting at church tomorrow and Joy is bringing a quilt for the long arm on Wed.  Busy, busy, ain't that grand?

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