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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Found and Time Lost

Well, October is always one of the busiest months of the year.  Usually the teaching and show schedule is quite full, and to top it off  I have another life outside of quilting. Imagine that.  It's times like these when I'm glad I have put some of my projects aside to pick up when I have a few minutes. This time I picked up scraps of 1800's reproduction prints.  I had a small pile of 1/4 square triangles and so I made these 3" hourglass blocks. Here we go. Another mystery.  My 1st thought was to set a pieced block in the center of 2 rounds of the hourglass blocks. Naturally. It is rare that I even think of applique.
Then I went to Electric Quilt and this is what I came up with. Seeing as this will only be a wall hanging, I won't mind using the cut-and-paste method of appliqué. Now I  need to decide if I want to have a strip of plain border fabric between the 2 borders of triangles.  And if I do, should it be a light medium or dark color. So far I'm loving it, and I think I will keep it small.

I did get another border on an old top, but didn't take the picture. My back was sore and I couldn't reach up and spread the quilt top on the wall.  Then when my back was feeling better, I'd lost the camera. That wasn't fun cause just the day before I'd lost my cell phone.  Of course, both were simply misplaced in the house. I don't like loosing hours to searching for misplaced items.  Sure hope that doesn't become a habit any time soon.  Picture taking is on the agenda for this afternoon so with any luck I'll show a picture or 2 tomorrow.

I could babble on and on, so I better go get some work done. Sew long.

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Finn said...

I love the solution you came up with. So many things that could be done with those pinwheels, and I like this one. Aren't leftovers, bit and scraps fun? Hugs, Finn