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Saturday, October 30, 2010

eventually it gets done

Formerly titled "Self-Diagnosed ADD". Lots of traffic to that site tells me that this isn't what they were looking for. I hope they enjoyed it anyway.
Lately it seems I have a very short attention span.  I can't seem to start and finish anything without moving onto something else 1st.  I still have a few of those borders to get back to. Here is one I finished a couple of weeks ago when I had lost my camera. Ain't it a beaut?  I'll tell you how I came up with this original design when I dig out the other pieces to illustrate the story.

Rather than work on the border project, I worked on those floral pinwheel blocks you saw a few posts back.  While getting ready for a class I started rummaging through my orphan blocks and scraps.   I pulled out a few boxes that I knew had odds and ends from a few quilts that I had made for the new book. I found the triangles  for the hourglass blocks I put together (see the last post).  Now that project is on hold. Yes, because it involves appliqué. I also found enough pieces for a few more Lemoyne stars.  Had to make those.

Then I dug out my orphan blocks with 1800 reproduction prints. It's a small but growing pile. All the orphan blocks are kept together. I decided maybe it's time I work with the orphan blocks because I have a pile at least 6 inches high. These are my orphan blocks.  I have almost as many in the pile for church.
I guess I am getting stuff done, but I don't feel very productive  because it is little bits here and little bits there. It's better for me and I am feeling pretty good. Hope you are too. Sew long.


Cheri said...

I've been the same way but finished blocks are piling up so one day I'll have quilts. I like the top...anxious to hear the process.

Vivian said...

That is a very pretty pink and brown quilt quilt. Will that be for a future book?

And with that many orphan blocks, a fun sampler quilt is definitely overdue. Victoria from the BumbleBeans blog (http://www.bumblebeansinc.blogspot.com/) has done some great ones. See her Blogger quilt fest post for her "Kitchen Sink" quilt or her current "Ragamuffin" project.

I love when I can use up orphans for a project.