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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Try it, you'll like it

In between all my gardening and quilting I have been gathering St. Pete's scraps to cut using the Accucut Studio Cutter. It is available for rent at the Oconomowoc (WI) Ben Franklin Quilt Shop. You can see here I set my sights high and packed this whole tub with fabric. I was betting I was going to like it, and like it I did.

Lucrecia joined me to help make better use of my time. Here she is placing fabric on the 3" strip die. With the big studio cutter, we could cut 10 layers of fabric with one pass. The 3" die cuts 4 strips across the width of the die (dies accommodate folded 44" fabric like it comes off the bolt).

After you crank the die through the press the trimmings around the edges are dumped and you stack the good stuff. I cut 2 1/2" strips. We also cut some 5" squares, but generally we don't use this size at all.

This is the trimmings that I trashed. I am sure someone that does miniatures would love them. I would have saved them, but I am swamped in scraps and the church ladies have minimums so they get their quilts done quickly.
Did we get the tub full of fabric cut??? No, unfortunately. We were warned a number of times that it goes quickly, but apparently not as quickly as I'd imagined. WE got about half of it cut.
Here it is. This pile was cut in 2 1/2 hours.

Will I rent it again??? Absolutely. Even though we didn't get it all done it saved tons of time and energy on my part. Most of my 70 year old ladies don't enjoy cutting out the quilts. I don't know if its cause the ruler slips or the ruler is hard to read or they just get sore shoulders, arms and backs when they cut, but they will appreciate this much precut for them.

I don't know if it is really efficient use of your time or fabric to cut using some of the other dies. And it is expensive to own. I just thought I had to experience it once. I'm glad I did and I am glad I didn't have to own it to try it. Funny, that is just what I said when I rented the longarm I just had to try. At any rate, I feel it freed up some of my time for more quilting! Have a good one.

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Kelly Kroon said...

Before you buy one, make sure you check out prices at quilt shows. They usually have specials. I think Nancy's Notions has them on special at Quilt Expo.